Health Companies in India




The Health care companies of India are the key drivers of the growth of health solutions in India. In India there are vast disparities of health problems and the health companies are performing the best to cope up with the worst affected diseases. The Health companies of India are constantly making innovative designs to meet the health care needs.


Top Health Companies Of India:



Apollo Hospitals Group 

Apollo Hospitals is the largest health conglomerate in India. It has the distinction of pioneering the integrated delivery of healthcare in the country. Its offerings include super specialty hospital chain in both urban and rural areas, family focused clinics, pharmacy chain, telemedicine consulting, disease management, Apollo Munich Health Insurance and a foundation promoting medical and nursing colleges.

Max India

Max India Group is one of the top health companies in India with a turnover of over Rs. 85,000 million. It has hospitals in many places in India including Delhi, Uttarakhand and Punjab. In addition, its subsidiaries include those in the insurance sector like Max Bupa and Max Life Insurance, pharmaceutical packaging sector called Max Specialty Films, and clinical research sector called Max Neeman Contract Research.

Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare is a renowned hospital chain in the countries in Asia and Pacific region. Based in Delhi this health company has super specialty hospitals, diabetes and maternal specialty clinics, telemedicine consultancy service and clinical research labs. It also has its own ambulance service. The hospital chain is one of the most sought after for medical tourism.

Wockhardt Group

Headquartered in Mumbai, Wockhardt is a distinguished health company in India. It has a variety of products and services in the healthcare sector. These include a hospital chain, pharmaceutical products that include formulations, nutritional supplements, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, and R&D labs in areas of drugs and biotechnology.

Sun Pharma 

Sun Pharma is among the best health companies in India specializing in manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical drugs. The company has a long line of products in its portfolio including those in the areas of diabetology, neurology, cardiology and psychiatry. It sells its products to many other countries making it one of the largest pharmaceutical producers in the world.


Cipla is an award winning health company in India involved in the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The company is better known for being the largest producer of anti-AIDS drugs at a low cost. Cipla also manufactures drugs for anti flu, anti cancer, etc. and nutritional supplements.


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