Khoobsurat Trailer – Sonam Kapoor & Fawad Khan

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Khoobsurat is a quirky, modern romantic comedy about what happens when a  vibrant, hopelessly romantic physiotherapist meets a handsome young Rajput  prince who is the complete opposite of her – and is engaged to someone else. It is a  battle of values between two individually crazy families — one that encourages  discipline and self-restraint versus the other, which is all for spontaneity and  open- mindedness

A remake of Hrishkesh Mukherjee’s ‘Khubsoorat starring Rekha and Rakesh  Roshan, the new version is directed by Shashank Ghosh and produced by Sonam’s  sister Rhea and father Anil Kapoor along with UTV.

Dina Pathak’s family has been switched with a royal family  in  the film that has Dina Pathak’s daughter Ratna Pathak as the matriarch. actor   Fawad Afzal Khan makes his debut opposite the spirited and zippy physiotherapist, Sonam Kapoor.

  Watch Khoobsurat Trailer Here:



   Bollywood upcoming movie “Khoobsurat” trailer starring Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan in lead roles. The film is releasing on 19 September, 2014.


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