Creature 3D – Trailer – Bipasha Basu – Imran Abbas

Creature 3D
Creature 3D

The trailer for Creature 3D – India’s first monster science fiction, which marks the debut of Pakistani actor Imran Abbas – is out, and judging from its Jeepers Creepers rip-off poster and the two-minute trailer, it looks like a disaster

Watch The Trailer:

Bipasha’s reunited with one of her favourite directors Vikram Bhatt for the film, produced by T’Series’ Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

In the movie, Bipasha plays a resort owner, who opens a new property in the middle of a forest. Guests start pouring in and things are going swimmingly well for Bipasha, who’s looking for a new beginning. However all hell breaks loose when a creature on a killing spree is awakened by all the activity in its previously idyllic neighbourhood…

Bipasha’s last with Vikram Bhatt was the hit ‘Raaz 3D’ and the duo will be hoping for a box office encore for Creature 3D‘ too.

Imran Abbas plays Bipasha’s love interest in the film.


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