Bipasha Basu’s Creature 3D inspired by Hollywood superheroes?

Creature 3D


Bipasha Basu in Creature 3D
Bipasha Basu in Creature 3D

Creature 3D has already aroused curiosity amongst the audience

Bollywood is set to get its very own creature film with Vikram Bhatt’s  Creature 3D. The sequence of visual effects, which are an intrinsic part of the narrative, is said to have been planned using models and toys of popular superheroes.

“All superheros were part of’ Creature 3D as all sequences were first planned out on superhero toys like Spiderman and Batman,” said a source close to the production team.

The movie, starring Bipasha Basu and Imran Abbas, is produced under the banner of T-Series and it is slated to release Sep 12.

Creature 3D has drawn its share of curiosity as the look of the scary creature in it has been a well-kept secret so far. The creature, as Bhatt had earlier revealed, is inspired from Indian mythology.

He has said that the computer generated image of the ‘creature’ has been created in India itself without any help from foreign studios or technicians – an achievement for the Indian film industry, which is experimenting with new technology and formats like never before.

After giving a dose of 3D to Indian screens with desi entertainers like Raaz 3, Haunted andDangerous Ishhq, it is no wonder that Bhatt has become more at home with the format in Creature 3D.


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