Sunny And Tanuj

Rati Agnihotri was apprehensive about son Tanuj doing a film with Sunny Leone?




When a film is called ‘One Night Stand’, it’s bound to raise eyebrows, especially if one’s son happens to work in it. We asked actor Tanuj Virwani if his mother Rati Agnihotri had an issue with the bold title or his co-star Sunny Leone, who has a bolder image. Tanuj, who is quintessentially a mama’s boy revealed the thoughts that crossed his mother’s mind at the time.It wasn’t the subject, but the title that got her worked up. Once I explained the story to her, she was fine. She wondered if it will be another Sunny Leone film as she is known to do a certain kind of cinema. At least till that point of time… Jism 2, Ragini MMS 2, the sex comedies had not come out. I assured her that I’ve read the script which has a lot of meat for me to sink my teeth into and it’s not going to be just another Sunny Leone film. If there’s any film that will help her break away from a particular image, it will be this and while it’s a calculated risk, I have a good feeling about it” said Tanuj.
Elaborating on how his mother lets him make his decisions, he added, “She is not the kind who says, ‘If you do this film, you will have to leave the house.’ I respect my mom tremendously but she is more like my friend. I am 29 and very open about my personal and professional life with her.”
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Leone is a prostitue. Any mother will be anxious
Shashi Srivastava


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